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Donation of ImmuniVis Nutrient (90 caps)

Donation of ImmuniVis Nutrient (90 caps)

SKU: IMV90 Donate

At Vis Rx we're already committed to donating 10% of our profits in product to communities in need.  We want to go where the need is greatest.  Some of you have already asked how you can help us get more of our products faster to those who would most benefit.  We set this up as a quick and easy way for you to help us make an even bigger impact.  If you feel moved, purchase a bottle that will be added to our donation stock.  We get so excited about being able to donate that we'll match every bottle your purchase for donation for a limited time.  Please note that because we are not a non-profit, your donation will not be tax deductible.  You will be refunded the shipping charge right after purchase unless you also purchased product to be delivered to yourself in the same order.

  • Returns

    The purchase of a donated products are non-refundable do to the fact that they may have already left our possession.

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