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About Us

Vis Rx

was born in the spring of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic.  Dr. Beebe Dericks and Dr. Erin Westaway were looking for a simple way to support their families, patients, and community in building up the nutrition needed to support healthy balanced immune function. 

As Licensed and Practicing Naturopathic Doctors

They were aware that declining nutrient content of food and increased everyday toxic exposure was leaving Americans with a baseline state of health that was often not prepared to deal with some of the increasingly virulent infections arising.  With increasing rates of diabetes, autoimmunity, asthma, and allergies, the two doctors saw a need for nutritional support before, during and after infection.

Using their knowledge of the science of immune function, they formulated ImmuniVis to be something that they could give to most people from children to elders.  They took into account the things that other immune formulas often ignore, such as mitigating the effect of common toxins on the immune system and being sure to provide nutrients to address chronic smoldering inflammation.

The integrative healthcare community has embraced ImmuniVis with the majority of sales going to healthcare providers who are recommending ImmuniVis directly to their patients.


While they wanted to support their clients with an easy to use formula, they were also aware that many of the people most in need of this support would not be able to afford it.  That is why they donate bottles each year to communities in need.

Drs. Dericks and Westaway are especially grateful to Linda Black Elk for helping us get donated bottles of ImmuniVis into the hands of Native elders through her food and medicine boxes.  If your organization has an opportunity to get ImmuniVis effectively into the hands of underserved community members who are likely to use the product, please feel free to reach out through our contact form.

Requests will be prioritized for organizations that have scaffolding in place increasing the likelihood of the product being fully utilized.

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