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Your partner in health creation


We know that good health does not happen by accident.

Vis Rx was created by two naturopathic doctors who are also moms.  We're passionate about building healthy balanced immune systems to weather the challenges of living in an increasingly toxic and stressful world.  We believe deeply in the power of lifestyle and food as medicine first, but as moms of young children and people who happen to live in the real world, we also know that sometimes a little extra support can go a long way.  We wanted to create a supplement that was powerful enough to support people whose immune systems might need a little extra love and also simple enough to give to elders and breastfeeding women. We made this with our own families, patients, and communities in mind.  Mom and Dad - this is for you, but we hope you don't mind if we share with everyone else.


Because we care deeply about quality, every batch of VisRx products are made to the highest standard.  Every raw ingredient and finished small batch is tested for purity.  With VisRx you can rest assured that you're getting what you pay for without contaminants, artificial flavors, or dangerous fillers. They are manufactured without lubricants on the machines, because that was not an ingredient we wanted to give to you.  We give our products to our own families, that's how much we believe in them.

Community Giving

We know that some communities are more likely to have poor health outcomes and we want to help change that.  We're committing 10% of our profits to be able to give product to communities in need. We want to strengthen health for all, not just for those who can afford it.

Herbal Medicine


We operate from Seattle, WA in Pacific Time and do our best to answer your questions and get orders shipped within 2 business days.  We don't have a store front for you to visit, but if you have questions, please contact us below.  Also - sign up below for our newsletter to be in the know with educational information, updates, and sales!


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