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We live in a world with ever increasing toxicity. ImmuniVis was specially formulated to support a healthy and balanced immune response while mitigating exposure to everyday exposures we just can’t avoid.

Doctor Formulated:

ImmuniVis was formulated by two naturopathic physicians who wanted a simple way to support their patients, families and friends with the increasing immune and toxicity challenges we face in our current world.

Doctor Trusted:

The majority of the sales of ImmuniVis are to health care providers who recommend it directly to their own patients.


ImmuniVis is manufactured to high standards.  Each ingredient is tested for purity before manufacturing and every batch is tested for purity and potency, making sure you’re getting what you paid for and nothing else.


We recognize that some of the people who could benefit the most from ImmuniVis are those who can least afford it.  As such we make a point to donate bottles to those in need.  See more on our About page. 

We know that good health does not happen by accident.

Herbal Medicine

We operate from Seattle, WA in Pacific Time and do our best to answer your questions and get orders shipped within 2 business days.  We don't have a store front for you to visit, but if you have questions, please contact us below.  Also - sign up below for our newsletter to be in the know with educational information, updates, and sales!

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